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Αυτή τη στιγμή το είναι κάτω. Δουλεύω πάνω σε μια
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About me: [Short version] 

Giannis Mamalikidis is a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering at the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology.

He is a programmer, accustomed with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET (VB.NET, C++, C#), R and R Shiny.

He is currently collaborating with the STAINS group on research on statistical methods for software cost prediction, developing software with various Languages.

STAINS stands for STAtistics & INformation Systems Group, and is a research group founded in the Aristotle University of Thessalonike (Site:

Undergraduate Thesis: Abstract Only, Thesis Paper

Curriculum Vitae (cv): Greek (el-GR), English (en-GB)

[Full about on "About me" menu tab]

Programmes: [Complete list available via the "Products" Menu]

StatREC is based on the conceptual idea of Regression Error Characteristic (REC) Curves.

It supports the practical application of all visualization, statistical and hypothesis procedures needed for comparing Cost Prediction Models.

One has access, amongst others, to the Permutation Distribution, the REC Curve, the REC Replicates, the AOC REC Curve, the Mean and Median, the observed kolmogorov-Smirnov statistic, the t-test value, the wilcoxon value and other.

StatREC Shiny is basically an online, web based and cross platform version of StatREC.

It's implemented purely in R and R Shiny and hence its name.

Kino Statistics is a programme which uses Laws and models of the Statistics branch of Mathematics to analyse input data and give insight such as "Which numbers have the most probability of occurring within the next n lots", or what the exact probability of n-choose-k chosen numbers is, e.g. the possibility for 3 out of 4 numbers to occur.

Other functions like, the calculation of any HyperGeometric Distribution, are available too.

LSM is a free, university programme, that I created for the physics laboratory of the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology, and it demonstrates the optimum line given by the Least Square Method.  The user types the experimental values for X and Y, and after the calculations take place (instantly), the programme can draw the optimum line.

Then, the error is also calculable. The user has the ability to get other coordinates (X, Y) that are on that line, or to define a new line and get coordinates for that one.

This can be of use to teachers that want to have many coordinates of a particular line, so that in an exam for example, many people are given different X,Y, but all should result in the same a and b for the optimum y=a+bx line.

Mass Renamer is a free, open source programme that can MASS rename/delete/unlock any file or folder on your computer even if the file "is being used by another application". Especially useful for people who download massive amounts of files (like Video clips or Song Samples from torrents) where the files have weird names like " www.Blah.ext_SongName_nihilist.mp3 " and you wish to leave only the "SongName.mp3" behind.

With MassRenamer you just put the rest in the Remove Filter, and mass renamer will remove the strings for you from all files and folders inside the directory you've set.

Clan HeadQuarters is a programme for Clans/Teams/Guilds for any online game. It has a database where the clan owner can add any info (like Skype Names, etc) of the clan's members, so as to facilitate communication amongst clan member. It also has a "Join the Clan" Request, and many other features that both clan members and aspiring clan member can use.

It aids coordinating of a Clan/Guild, and gives it a professional touch.

Ultra-POS is a programme that reads receipt/Z files and uploads them to a Database. It also performs statistical analysis on it and displays the results.

Its use if for companies/restaurants that want an organized system where any retrievable information is but a click away.

There is a plethora of reports that can be easily printed or saved, statistical sheets, graphs to visualize results and facilitate easy understanding, as well as a server tracking system (where one can view how many hours a server has worked on a given time period, how many breaks he's got, as well as how much money he's earned).